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Christie’s Cleaning is always looking for the best! If you are reliable, professional and eager to join a fast-growing cleaning company, we’d love to meet you! If you have a proven track record of reliability and professional cleaning experience, please call and inquire today

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To be an attractive candidate for our team, you must be able to work effectively, diligently and take direction. We’re looking for great employees who are able to demonstrate an ability to work with other people and be a team player. Get in touch with us to learn more today..

See What Our Employees Have To Say About Our Company

I worked for Christie's Cleaning for over 12 years. The company is an amazing company to work. Christie cares about all of her employees and customers. She is always positive and leading the company to bigger and better things. Christie's cleaning is a great choice for employment and for your cleaning needs.

Kelsey J.

I've been working at Christies for a little bit over half a year and I moved up into a leadership position within two months!

Management takes pride in being responsive and working on solving any problem you may have on the work site. They also want what is best for you as a person beyond what they can get out of you on the job.

Everybody gets the same opportunity to grow from within the company. They have a transparent raise program that let's every employee know what is needed to get your raise which makes it easy to understand. Each employee has an opportunity to get a raise every 90 days! Everybody has the same opportunity to get a raise.

My co-workers at Christie's are friendly and easy to work with. The company cares about who they hire and trains the employees regularly. Christie has some good clients who she has had for awhile, and it is a pleasure to work for them and to give them a product they are proud of.

They only schedule you what your availability allows, they always communicate with you on how to get you more hours if that is the goal, and they never blindside you with the schedule. They try so hard to be able to fit hours into your schedule that you asked for as long as it makes sense for both sides.

I am always able to go into work with a positive attitude because I know the company I work for has the best interest for me. They take time out of the day to resolve problems that a lot of other companies wont. I like how they don't just focus on there management but they want every employee to learn quality skills to be the best worker and person they can be.

Lastly, you are surrounded by good people that push you to be your greatest, and if you take the time and put in the effort you can learn much more than just cleaning!

Andrew R.

I have worked for Christie's Cleaning for the past 10 years. I am writing this to express how fortunate l feel to work with such excellent leadership and a great team of people that work well together. The leadership is committed to constantly improving the company. I love the fact that you are treated like a friend not just an employee. Not only does Christies strive to make customer's satisfaction their number one priority, Christie also truly cares about and is committed to making sure her employees are happy which in turn makes for positive productivity on the job. This company is always welcoming new ideas for growth and truly wants to hear our input. They also give us incentives throughout the year that encourage us to be our absolute best. If you enjoy cleaning and are looking for a great work environment, look no further!

Jennifer T.

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Do you want to make a difference in your customer’s lives? If you’re ready to join a team that commits to providing the best in customer satisfaction by ensuring top-quality cleaning results, we encourage you to get in touch with our professionals at Christie’s Cleaning today.

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